2011 and previous seasons success stories.  
Had to take a break from goose hunting and vist the deer god John Lynch this was after shooting a limit of geese with the Sessler group. one hour in a tree stand Thanks John!! Had another odd goose today, a nice speck.
Nw Bass Crew comes over and beats up on the Geese and one snow goose Tim Nelson and crew kept the pit warm on with geese 
Randy and son Jared and dad shoot limits of ducks 12/19/09 Birthday hunt!!! Pavel and friend mow down some malards 12/20/09.
Coudriet group got into some ducks 12/16/09. My new goose down bed. Made by Honker heven.
Leah Chambers shoots with the camera as the ducks show up a bit late 12/13/09 After their morning goose hunt. Big limits of ducks and geese the ducks finnaly showed up in big numbers 12/13/09.
Cambers family waited in 6 deg weather for these birds to start flying. Once they started flying things felt a bit warmer. Lost  in the pile good camo!!!   12/13/09.
Kaydence has her first two boyz by the throat.  Kaydence steals dad coat on a cold morning duck hunting.
Larry Longly and group shot limits of geese over water. Bubba's all done up so the bird cant see him.
Luke (Eric's dog) keeps him lazy as he brings the bird to his blind :)  Sage brush again and they did not think it would work?
Bud cross and his group were kind enough to have my two boys join the hunt.. Thanks Guys!! Chris ward and his group broke in a new pit.
Can I take him home? 12/5/09 Jeff Bisig first flock of the morning landing in front of the pit.
12/5/09 Jeff Bisig and group shot them up by 8:45am . Michael Sessler shows off a Banded Honker.
The wise know what the best blind heater is. I will call the numbers in on that band for you if you want? Sam is now ready to shoot as he displays a mighty retrive he was shooting a 410...
Tim Christian and Jeff got payback on the birds. 12/6/09 9 am limit off to shoot some ducks now!! Ron and Rodger Scott and their group shot them up. Eric Martinez just got lucky I think 12/9/09.
Moses Lake Christian Academy donation hunt 28 in two volleys. Nice Shooting!! 11/29/09.

Tim Christian and Jeff covered up in geese 12/5/09.
Below are some flocks we took pictures with I phone from inside the pit blind. These were taken in late november Search youtube.com and you can see these flocks land live and get shot... Look up Goose hunting in Moses Lake
This week's Success Stories! Season 2009:

Weekend of 11/28/09, Jeff Richardson group.

Weekend of 11/28/09.

Wed Nov. 25th Nov. 22nd

John Sessler Day before Thanksgivng

Sundy shot in the winter wheat with folks group and dog buddy.
Weekend of 11/29/08
Moultray group 36 geese in a new pit blind we put in the night before.
Weekend of 11/29/08
Hafer outlaws shoot them up in the fog!
Weekend of 11/29/08
After shooting a lot of lessers this year it was nice to shoot mostly honkers with Bent Depaw and his group.
Weekend of 11/29/08
A small flock of ducks caught in the decoysTthanksgiving A.M.
Weekend of 11/29/08
Cole holds up a honker as big as him!
Weekend of 11/29/08
These guys needed a semi to haul their birds home.
Weekend of 11/01/08
November 1st hunt,in the winter wheat cold morning we were done early
Weekend of 11/29/08
Duck hunting is on !! Kelly Ross Shows off an early limit

Eric, Sunday: Weekend of 10/25/08
Migrating Men with Migrating birds!! A good Sunday shoot to keep these guys warm.

Early Success!: Weekend of 10/25/08
Christian Shannon and his party are ready for breakfast still early!

Big Guns: Weekend of 10/25/08
Alaska Tom from deadliest catch again follows up with yet another limit accompanied with Ski and his daughter and Mr. Willslagel and his son.

Got Into some Specks: Weekend of 10/25/08
Alaska Tom from Deadliest Catch and the willslagel group got into some specks!

Richardson Party Success!: Weekend of 10/25/08
Chris & Jeff Richardson and their party enjoyed a goose hunt along side of our secret pond. There was record of a goose that actually had a smoking head. Might have been a bit close?


Early Goose Kill Shot: 9/7/08
Starting from the left Warren, Jay, Greg, and Joey show
off the morning kill. Got the dust off the barrels!

Greg Fritz Triple: 9/7/08
On Sunday Greg fritz brags about a triple!!

Sower Family Success: 9/7/08
Sowers family joined in to take advantage of hunting in 70deg
weather. We have a few confirmed kills with the 20ga!

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